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In this Podcast  you will know:

  1. What are funnels?

  2. Differences between the home page and landing pages

  3. What is a lead magnet

  4. Lead magnets more successful for creating a funnel

  5. How it works a funnel in a website?

  6. How many funnels must have a website?

  7. The importance of an email platform for a funnel

  8. Resources for creating a funnel

  9. Steps for creating a funnel from scratch

  10. An example of how it works a funnel
  11. Recommendations of  remarking in funnels

  12. Cross-selling; when the products must have a sense

  13. Recommendations for someone is starting a funnel from scratch

  14. Is there a lifetime for your funnel?
  15. Why is so important traffic for a funnel?

  16. How te measure a funnel?

  17. Change the chip of working for hours and working for results

  18. How much do you have to invest in the funnels?

  19. Reasons why does he recommend Click Funnel

  20. How did he find click funnels

  21. What is a digital nomad?

  22. How is the digital nomad life of Markus Hellwich

  23. How to match Marketing and Sales

  24. 3 Recommendations

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